Green Website Hosting

If you run a website then you probably pay an organisation to host it. The TTW Website is hosted by SiteGround. They were chosen because of their green credentials. SiteGround’s commitments are based around three keystones – Operation, Environment and Society.

SiteGround are a leading global hosting provider, dedicated to minimising their own environmental impact and the carbon footprint of millions of websites online. Thanks to their cloud-powered infrastructure, they deliver highly efficient, carbon-neutral web hosting solutions on a large scale.

Creating a better world begins with the actions of each one of us, and gets amplified in society. Our environment depends on the collective actions we take, every day, in pursuit of a more sustainable tomorrow. So the SiteGround team is deeply committed to supporting a range of environmental and socially-impactful causes. There are aimed at protecting local communities, disadvantaged groups in society, activists for a positive change and the preservation of nature, and more.

You can read the SiteGround Sustainability report through the link on the About page.