Transition Town Wellington is a not-for-profit, environmental community group set up in 2008. We are part of the Transition Movement that was started in 2006 in Totnes, Devon. Our focus is on taking the practical steps that we urgently need to combat the ecological and climate emergencies we are facing, and to help build a healthy, thriving biodiverse and sustainable future. We are entirely volunteer-run, and rely on grants and donations to do the work we do.

About the Transition Movement

The Transition movement was started in the small town of Totnes, Devon in 2006. The ethos behind the Transition Network is to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and help to protect the planet. Since that small start in Totnes, the network has grown and can be found in cities, towns, villages, universities and schools. There are now thousands of Transition groups in over 48 countries. There are also a number of Transition Hubs that connects with, and supports groups in the country or the region.

The movement relies on people being willing to get involved and help. Each group organises different projects and events. Without volunteers, the movement could not exist. Transition is now a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.

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About Transition Town Wellington

Transition Town Wellington (TTW) started in 2008 and is part of Transition Network. TTW is a group of local people volunteering to make our town more carbon neutral, sustainable and biodiverse.

On this site, you’ll find loads of ideas, information and (hopefully) inspiration! Whether you are interested in wildlife, growing food, sustainable energy, rivers, arts and crafts, or simply living more in harmony with the natural world, we would love to hear from you.

Do come along to one of our regular monthly meetings, or quarterly ‘umbrella meetings’. Everyone is welcome to bring new ideas and input. We are a friendly group of all ages and backgrounds, with an wonderfully varied mix of knowledge, interests, abilities and skills.

Every Transition Town group reflects the people and the place that make it up. If you’d like to help shape a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for our lovely town, do contact us.

The six minute video to the right it’s a quick snapshot of a few of the things that are happening at Fox’s field forest garden…

In order to spread the crucial message that we should all be getting together, wherever we are in the world, to try and make a difference on a local level. To change the bigger picture, two of our core members Helen and Anita regularly do talks in person and sometimes online. The movie to the right is a zoom to the other side of the planet… Australia!

This short 18 minutes synopsis gives a potted history of what has been achieved in just a few years from the initial creation of the group, the gathering of minds, spaces & creativity… We now potentially manage and are encouraging biodiversity in no less than 13 locations around a little town with almost 100 ha of new green spaces

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Sustainability Report

Transition Town Wellington is a formal, not-for-profit, community group. In summary the constitution sets out the aims and objectives of TTW; identifies the powers that the organisation has; confirms that it is a not-for-profit organisation; and explains the organisation’s structure.

It also explains membership; the elected officers and their responsibilities; meetings including the AGM; the records to be kept and how finance is dealt with and how the constitution can be amended.

If you wish to read the constitution in more detail you can download a copy on the button below.

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