Transition Town Wellington has helped set up a transport campaign group – the Campaign for Sustainable Transport in the Taunton Area (CaSTTA) – which is pressing for improvements to transport and travel in the area.  As a first step, Transition Town Wellington has carried out a travel survey to find out more about the views of people who live and/or work in the town.

The group enlisted the support of Wellington School, some of whose pupils have asked people around the town to complete the questionnaire. A number of local employers also agreed to distribute the questionnaire to staff in their workplaces.

Simon Ratsey from TTW said: “Travelling to and from Wellington, as well as traffic in the town, is of growing concern. We’re seeing increased congestion and cuts to bus services, and there is uncertainty as to whether the railway station will ever be reopened. The Transition Movement is about taking power into our own hands to improve our lives, locally, where we live, for our own benefit as well as the wider environment. We hope that people will take part in this simple survey, so we can get a more detailed picture of the concerns that local people have about travel and traffic.”

CaSTTA was set up last year and includes members of Transition Town Wellington, Taunton Transition Town and Transition Athelney, as well as Taunton Area Cycling Campaign. Its aims include improving public transport and cycling and walking routes, promoting car-sharing and car clubs, and reducing congestion, noise and pollution on our streets. The group says that carbon emissions from transport are still on the rise and that there is an urgent need to reduce these by looking at alternatives such as electrified transport.