The Grand Western Greenway

After the first 12months The Grand Western Greenway is pleased with what has been achieved in 2023. More that 400 people have subscribed to the campaign in support of the Greenway. Many businesses have also supported the campaign. The team are actively talking to landowners with positive discussions having taken place.

There is still a lot to do, but the team have said that engagement and commitment are their touchstones for 2024. The team planned their first year as one in which to make friends and that has been achieved. The Richard Hush College has created the Greenway as a project for their A-level art and design course students. The course includes developing materials to promote the Greenway campaign. Also, for a week in April the campaign team will be a pop-up shop in Fore Street, Wellington.

The team will continue with their monthly ‘Walk the Greenway’. If you would like to join one of these, you can book at Event. There is more information on their website including a short movie.

Grand Western Greenway