Somerset ‘Call for Sites’

On 20 May, Somerset Council launched an environmental ‘Call For Sites’. This call The Council is wanting submissions of land promoted for delivery of phosphate mitigation schemes. Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria, nutrient mitigation funding can be available, and/or the possibility of Biodiversity Net Gain.

The Council wants to discover the amount of interest from landowners. Then, sites will be assessed and prioritised using a transparent process. The sites that are prioritised can then enter the negotiation process to legally secure the site for these processes with the Council.

Land that has been legally secured, or is on the national BNG sites register, can then sell phosphate credits and biodiversity units to developers. The developers can then use these to meet their obligations on new development sites.

By legally securing the right phosphate mitigation and Biodiversity Net Gain sites in the right places, the Council is able to support the delivery of new development in Somerset, deliver for nature recovery, and maximise wider benefits to Somerset.

Further information will be made available on the Council webpage in May 2024.

The bigger picture locally is to eventually have a green, wildlife corridor linking up the Brendon and Blackdown hills. This ‘call for sites’ could enable some of this joined up thinking to come to fruition and the Somerset Wildlife Trust Priority Landscapes to be realised.

Somerset Council 'Call for Sites'