Waste Not Want Not Event

A great afternoon spent discussing the nature and necessity of fighting food waste at the Waste Not Want Not event on Saturday 30th January. As we all know, food waste is a major issue in the UK. We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, the majority of which could have been eaten. 

The TTW Food Group shared lots of great tips on transforming your kitchen scraps into edible goodness and showed attendees endless ways to use up bread, the many uses of orange and lemon peels, how apple peels and cores can be turned into apple cider vinegar. We also learnt that expiration dates on supermarket food mean very little and how eyes, noses, and mouths are more trustworthy than any conglomerate’s recommendation. 

You can find all the recipes from the day here»

Our next event is Seedy Sunday which is now in its third year and growing every year. It is held upstairs at the Dolphin pub on Waterloo Road on Sunday 14th February from 2-4pm. We will provide a selection of plants and seeds we have gathered, but if you have collected seeds last summer and autumn, the idea is that you bring them to swap. The more people that can join in, the more choice will be there. You can also bring shop bought packets either opened or not, that you have surplus, or any small plants or cuttings. We do suggest not to bring home saved pumpkin or courgette seeds as these cross-pollinate to create a tasteless monster!

So do pop in and join us, it is a chance to network with other transition people and to ask any gardening questions. There will be children's activities such as making seed bombs, to help our native wild flowers. If you do not have anything to swap, we will be collecting donations for the Transition Town Wellington, to help us keep running our events, so you can still pick up something for your garden. Hope to see you there!