Rhubarb Planting Day

The Transition Town Wellington continued our community project by planting another fruit bed near the Bowles club in Wellington. Last year we planted gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants, and although the plants are still quite small, they produced enough fruit for some passers-by to pick in 2015.

As these plants grow bigger there will be more to pick! On Sunday 17th January, the TTW's sustainable food group planted rhubarb next to the first bed. This needs one year to get established before it can be harvested, and should be ready for the public to pick from 2017.

We want to show how ground that is otherwise wasted can be used to produce a useful food crop, helping Wellington become more sustainable in its food production. If you know of any areas you feel could be used for similar purposes around where you live, or would like to help plant more fruit trees and bushes around Wellington please get in touch.