Community Gardening: Bulford Road

We held another community gardening session on Friday 4th May, 9-10.30am. Between 4 of us from the food group, we maintained the herb bed at Bulford Road, trimming the rosemary and lavender, replanting rosemary, sage and thyme that had died, adding more wood chippings, and getting on top of the weeds! The herbs are starting to become more bushy and look more beautiful now, the rosemary is in flower and the chives are covered in buds. Although unfortunately no new volunteers came along, probably due to a lack of advertising, we did stop and chat to lots of passers by, letting them know that as this is a community herb bed, they can pick herbs for their dinner on their way home. We also  encouraged them to pull out a weed every time they passed - if everyone pulled up one weed, then it would stay looking very neat and tidy. We do need new volunteers for the gardening sessions to grow the project further in the future, so if you are interested, the next gardening session will be on Friday June 1st 9am-10.30am at the 2nd Rugby Pitch (see future events).



Monthly Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting Group

A few photos from the last sewing group get together on Wednesday 6th April. Always a wonderful night spent with a great group of creatively skilled woman. Last week we learnt how to colour natural yarn with vegetable dyes - a simple and fun way to create personalised colours to your knitting or crocheting projects . 

Every month the Sewing Group gives attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, brush up existing ones or take on a collaborative project like crocheting blankets for the refugees in Calais. If you are interested in attending, you can find out more details by contacting Mary Bradford.

Community Planting Project continues...

The community planting project is going well for the Transition Town Wellington's Sustainable Food Group this winter. Lots of volunteers came to help us plant 15 trees and 15 bushes, of 8 different varieties of fruit, at the community woodland on Sunday 21st, and 12 morello cherry trees at the edge of the 2nd rugby pitch on the 14th. They won't produce any fruit this year, but as from 2017, you can just walk down there and pick plums, apples, greengages, and quince. The small bushes will eventually grow 5 feet or more tall and be laden with Aronia, elderberries and blueberries to gather. 

It is all in the aim to get Wellington more sustainable in its food production, and to share the joy of picking incredibly tasty fresh fruit from the plant. We will also be holding talks this year in how to grow organic vegetables in your own garden or allotment, starting with the first talk this Wednesday 24th Feb, at the Methodist church 6.30-8pm. We will be giving away free seeds leftover from the seed swap. Everyone is welcome, the talks are aimed at beginners, although there is always lots of tips for the more experienced gardener. It is free to attend, but the printed notes are £1. More tips and recipes can be found here»

Seed Swap Sunday Event

The TTW's third annual seed swap held at the busy Dolphin Pub on Sunday 14th February, was a great success, with lots of people coming along, bringing home gathered seeds, and going home with new varieties to try. There was quite a selection too from the heritage seed library, from many varieties of tomato, including tigrella, (a stripy one), lots of sweet peppers, a blue chilli (!), flowers, herbs and too many more to mention! As some people did not have seeds to swap, we raised £44 from their generous donations, to help with putting on more workshops on cookery and veg growing. 


If you would like to learn how to grow organic vegetables, or the seeds you have collected from the seed swap, a series of 4 free talks throughout the year start on Wednesday 24th February, 6.30-8pm at the Methodist church. Everyone is welcome from the very beginner to the more experienced gardener. Leftover seeds from Sunday will also be available to collect at the veg talk. It is free to attend, although the written notes are £1. We would like to encourage everyone to experience the joy and reward of growing things, so we hope to see you there! 

Cherry Grove Planting Day

On Sunday 14th February, the Transition Town Wellington successfully planted 12 morello cherry trees at the edge of the 2nd rugby pitch, with 8 new people coming to help plant them too! By 2017 they will be producing sour cherries to use in cherry pies and jam, and we will encourage local people to come and harvest them, with recipes showing how to cook them on our website They will also have beautiful blossom in the spring which you should be able see from the sports centre steps in the years to come.

If you would like to join in with more tree planting this week, we will be meeting at 10.30am on Sunday 21st February, at the community woodland, which is accessed from behind the sports centre, or from the 2nd rugby pitch. There we will be planting 8 different types of fruit for people to enjoy the harvest from in the future. Just bring wellies, maybe gardening gloves if you have them, and young children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tidy Up & Grove Planting Day

The Transition Town Wellington has been running a project to plant edible trees and bushes in community spaces in Wellington. This is to help increase the sustainability of our local food production, and to make unused spaces more productive and beautiful. We have so far planted an orchard at trinity church and some currant and rhubarb bushes near the Bowles club. Now with the support of the town council, we will be planting a cherry grove and some more currant bushes at the 2nd rugby pitch. The fruit will be available for all the residents Wellington to pick in the future.

The sun came out finally on Sunday 7th Feb for our tidy up of the 2nd rugby pitch. We cleared lots of brambles in preparation for the planting of the cherry grove next weekend. It looked like a big job, but with 11 people on hand, we managed to cut and remove the brambles in 2 1/2 hours.

You are invited to come and help plant the trees and bushes on Sunday 14th at 10.30 am, we will demonstrate how to plant them, and provide tools, all you need to bring is wellies and some gardening gloves if you have them. It should be fun, and you will be able to see the tree you planted grow over the years. Children are welcome, but responsible adults need to come with young children please. 

So I hope to see you next week, Sunday 14th February at 10.30am, at the 2nd rugby pitch, near the park!

Waste Not Want Not Event

A great afternoon spent discussing the nature and necessity of fighting food waste at the Waste Not Want Not event on Saturday 30th January. As we all know, food waste is a major issue in the UK. We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, the majority of which could have been eaten. 

The TTW Food Group shared lots of great tips on transforming your kitchen scraps into edible goodness and showed attendees endless ways to use up bread, the many uses of orange and lemon peels, how apple peels and cores can be turned into apple cider vinegar. We also learnt that expiration dates on supermarket food mean very little and how eyes, noses, and mouths are more trustworthy than any conglomerate’s recommendation. 

You can find all the recipes from the day here»

Our next event is Seedy Sunday which is now in its third year and growing every year. It is held upstairs at the Dolphin pub on Waterloo Road on Sunday 14th February from 2-4pm. We will provide a selection of plants and seeds we have gathered, but if you have collected seeds last summer and autumn, the idea is that you bring them to swap. The more people that can join in, the more choice will be there. You can also bring shop bought packets either opened or not, that you have surplus, or any small plants or cuttings. We do suggest not to bring home saved pumpkin or courgette seeds as these cross-pollinate to create a tasteless monster!

So do pop in and join us, it is a chance to network with other transition people and to ask any gardening questions. There will be children's activities such as making seed bombs, to help our native wild flowers. If you do not have anything to swap, we will be collecting donations for the Transition Town Wellington, to help us keep running our events, so you can still pick up something for your garden. Hope to see you there!

Rhubarb Planting Day

The Transition Town Wellington continued our community project by planting another fruit bed near the Bowles club in Wellington. Last year we planted gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants, and although the plants are still quite small, they produced enough fruit for some passers-by to pick in 2015.

As these plants grow bigger there will be more to pick! On Sunday 17th January, the TTW's sustainable food group planted rhubarb next to the first bed. This needs one year to get established before it can be harvested, and should be ready for the public to pick from 2017.

We want to show how ground that is otherwise wasted can be used to produce a useful food crop, helping Wellington become more sustainable in its food production. If you know of any areas you feel could be used for similar purposes around where you live, or would like to help plant more fruit trees and bushes around Wellington please get in touch.

Make Your Own Christmas 2015

The TTW's Sustainable Food Group held another successful event on Saturday 28th November- to make your own Christmas! It was very well attended with over 50 people in the Methodist church function hall, and well organised too, with different activities and demonstrations flowing throughout the afternoon to keep everyone amused.

The children enjoyed making sweets and chocolates, and there was lots of yummy mince pies and stollen made, to feed all the mums, dads and grandparents too! Keeping up the traditional crafts, gingerbread men for the tree and dried orange decorations would brighten up the tree, and so many wreaths were made, you are sure to see more on doors this year!

We all enjoyed being part of this community event, the next one is the Seed Swap on Sunday 14th February, 2-4pm at the Dolphin pub. Everyone is welcome, either to swap seeds, or to take some for a small donation. Hopefully we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of things imported, and for Wellington to be more sustainable, so why not come along and try growing some veg next year!

Chutney Making Day 2015

The chutney day, hosted by the sustainable food group, part of transition town Wellington, was a great success this year. 14 people came to the Methodist church to chop fruit and vegetables as a community, and we made 12 different chutneys! 

We used mostly home grown veg and apples provided by volunteers. It's fun to make chutney as a group, plus, rather than having lots of jars of the same chutney, everyone got different types! Chutney is really easy to make, we provided recipes so everyone can make their favourite at home, and if you do make too much of the same type, it makes an excellent, and inexpensive, Christmas present!

Planting Community Fruit Bushes

Transition Town Wellington had a really busy day on Sunday 8 February. First of all planting community fruit bushes in the morning,outside the Bowls Club on Corams Lane in Wellington. We planted a bed of blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes. Having obtained permission from both the council and the Bowls Club, we hope this bed, on the way to the sports centre, will be well used by the public. 

We want to show how ground that is otherwise wasted can be used to produce a useful food crop, helping Wellington become more sustainable in its food production.  If you know of any areas you feel could be used for similar purposes around where you live, please get in touch by calling Kate on 01823667170. If you fancy some fruit for your crumble pudding, just help yourself in June, before the birds get it!


We held a seed swap at the Dolphin pub - a great success, with around 60 people dropping in! Many seeds were brought, from flowers and lots of vegetables, including some heritage varieties.  There were also seed potatoes and flower plants, plus full grown bare root apple trees on sale from a local grower.Children made wild flower seed bombs, to be thrown in the next few weeks to increase native flower diversity.  Lots of fun was had> TTW would like to thank everyone who attended and helped us to raise £73 for the Transition Town fund, to help us to put on many more events like this in the future.

Christmas Food and Decoration Day

Chocolate truffles, mince pies, peppermint creams, iced gingerbread and dried orange tree decorations were just some of the goodies made at Transition Town Wellington food group's Christmas food and decoration day.

The event, which took place in the Methodist Church hall in Waterloo Road, aimed to show that making traditional Christmas food and decorations is cheap, fun, environmentally friendly and a great opportunity to get together with neighbours and friends.