New Greenway opportunities

Opportunities for the start of the Grand Western Greenway construction are coming forward. 2024 is going to be the year in which the Grand Western Greenway Association (GWGA) gets down to real talking and planning.

It has always been their plan to build the path in phases starting at either end. They are  pleased to say the development of the new station and housing at the Wellington end offers them great opportunities. Network Rail plan to have the station open by May 2026 at the latest. Part of the station construction will be a haul-road on either side of the railway track. It looks likely that this will remain in situ, which gives a significant part of the phase 1 build at the western end.

At the eastern end, there is also industrial development planned, which offers similar opportunities. The new Taunton Town Council are very supportive of the association’s ambitions and have already grant-aided them with a small initial sum. The GWGA is hoping they will adopt a proposal through council to support the Greenway. This would pave the way for access along land they already manage on behalf of Somerset Council.

These opportunities, including the new station provide great future opportunities for sustainable travel options for Wellington. Our transport page will be updated when these come to fruition.

Grand Western Greenway