Great UK Waterblitz

Earthwatch Europe is promoting the Great UK Waterblitz. The next event runs from 7-10 June. People are offered a chance to take action on the state of the UK’s rivers by joining the largest citizen science freshwater testing campaign.

The UK’s rivers and freshwater habitats are at crisis point and urgent action is needed. This year Earthwatch Europe has launched this Great UK WaterBlitz to help build a national picture of water quality across the UK. With this data they can eastablish a picture of the health of our rivers. To do that they need good data so that action can be taken to restore our waterways. However, sign ups for the Great UK WaterBlitz taking place in June are now closed because  the water quality testing kits needed to be sent out in time. However, they will be running another Great UK WaterBlitz again in September. If you would like to take part you can register your interest.

Only 14% of UK rivers meet the criteria for good ecological health and none meet the necessary chemical standards. Gaps in monitoring have been identified as the main impediment to progress. So these waterblitz events should build greater understanding of river health. “We are at a critical juncture where urgent action is needed to safeguard the future of our freshwater ecosystems,” says Dr Sasha Woods, director of science and policy at Earthwatch Europe.

People are invited to join this fight for healthy freshwater. If you wish to, you can join this campaign and find out more through Earthwatch Europe. The vision of Earthwatch Europe is for a world where we all live in balance with nature. They seek to connect people with nature, motivate them to protect the environment and provide them with the knowledge and tools to make changes.

However, locally Somerset water Guardians are active in this area of water testing and quality. There is more information on our Water page.

Great UK Waterblitz