Fox’s Field Update

A lot has been going on in our community gardening sessions over the last fortnight, thanks to a good number of volunteers coming to each session.

We’ve nearly completed moving the fence now from last year’s herb area to the new perennial vegetable area. We hope that it will work just protecting the new plants for one year, then we can repeat this process as we develop the understory layer across the whole forest garden. 10 aronias and 4 myrtle plants have been planted in the “fedge” or food-hedge that borders the herb area, once grown this should create a natural barrier to dogs, but in the mean time we ask if you can try and avoid your dog running in and using the herb area as a toilet otherwise this will prevent people being able to use the herbs.

On Saturday 3rd we planted another 50 native plants in the hedge behind the container, to regenerate a 20 meter stretch which had just 4 privets remaining. Plus we planted 18 wild climbers (hops, honeysuckle and wild clematis) along the trellis to cover the container. In the future it should blend with the hedge behind and be less visible.

Our next gardening session at Fox’s Field is on Friday 16th at 9am, to continue to move the old hay bales, however it’s also a good day to sow annuals according to the biodynamic calendar, so we have an annual green manure to sow to cover any bare soil, plus we can work on the new bales to sow veg seed on top. Everyone is welcome to help, no need to book and no prior experience needed. Do wear suitable shoes and wear gardening gloves. Please try to walk or cycle, and if you have to drive, please park a bit further away to avoid complaints from nearby residents. On our website you can see a map of all our sites. For more directions visit our calendar.

Fox's Field update, February 2024