Catch the bus campaign

Wellington bus user group, part of Somerset Bus Partnership, is launching a ’Catch the Bus’ campaign during Better Transport Week, 17–23 June. Posters are being displayed around the town giving reasons for leaving the car at home – saving money, reducing congestion, pollution and CO2 emissions, and ensuring that the future of bus services are safeguarded. Postcards will also be made available for people to provide comments about local bus services. The postcards can then be placed in boxes at Ruxton’s (High Street), Sunset (South Street), Braziers (Tonedale) and Brock’s (Rockwell Green).

There will also be a bus stall outside the Coop on 21 June from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Timetable information will be available and there is also an opportunity to give your views on local bus services.

Funding this campaign, which is supported by Transition Town Wellington, was provided by Wellington Town Council. Better Transport Week is co-ordinated by the Campaign for Better Transport, and is a celebration of sustainable transport.